Stop being the bottleneck in your own business

Golden Nugget Video Service

We find impactful and valuable short video snippets (“golden nuggets”) from your library of long-form video content. Then we caption them and get them ready to be shared on social media.

These video golden nuggets can be used anywhere you like - e.g. on your social media channels, in your email signature, or wherever you think they could bring you the most leverage.

  • Each video snippet will stand alone (without background knowledge of context).

  • Each video will be between 15 seconds and 3 minutes in length.

Here’s how it works

You give us access to your raw long-form videos. You can share them via a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

We then comb through your video content with meticulous care, find short “golden nugget” video snippets that will appeal to your audience, get them captioned with 100% accuracy, and edited into a format that’s ready for mass social media distribution.

As long as we have enough content from you with good audio, you’ll get the videos each week ready for sharing on your social media channels.



Four video golden nuggets a month.

$399 / month

This gets you sharing one video a week to test the waters.



8 video golden nuggets a month.

$699 / month

This gives you average two videos a week. Good if you want to build momentum with posting on social media.



20 video golden nuggets a month.

$1499 / month

This gives you a steady stream of video snippets that you can share five times a week.