Is your SaaS documentation not bringing in loyal, long-term subscribers?

Documentation can be a pain point for SaaS businesses

  • Maybe you don't have documentation

  • Or it’s very out of date

  • How long does it take to make?

  • Do you need to hire technical writers?

But it’s necessary for capturing the imagination of people who are thinking of signing up

  • You want to build up as much trust as you can

  • There's incredible power in video documentation.

  • And you can use video and email to:

    • get people to sign up

    • get them to use the software

    • have them understand how it applies to them

    • give them an insight into why you chose to make it work the way you did

These are not just “how-to” videos

You get to give a behind-the-scenes interview of why you chose to make it work this way.

(For example, instead of listing the shortcut keys, tell the story of being squished in the middle seat on a plane).

Users don’t only need to know how to do something. They first need to know why they should use it at all.

The 90-minute documentation interview

What if you could create documentation for your software in less than 90 minutes?

And all you need to do is to show up, share your screen, and answer some questions from a first-time user.

Here’s what you get

- a 90 minute interview over Zoom

- we record 10 to 12 short videos (1 to 3 minutes each)

- transcription of all videos

How you can use these

Documentation on your website

Sharing on social media

Email signature

Attachments for support

Looking for my next three clients to provide testimonials

Limited offer of $500 US for these 10 to 12 videos.