Create your own Real Estate Video Walkthroughs

Your property buyers are on mobile, and if you don’t have videos to give them a taste of a home, you’re missing out. Video is a powerful way of connecting with potential buyers.

Agents know they should be doing video, but they’re held back:

  • Slick videos are expensive

  • There’s a lot of technical work

  • Agents aren’t comfortable on camera

What if you could get comfortable with recording a video walkthrough, with nothing more than an iPhone and a selfie stick?


Individual training for real estate agents

By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own video walkthroughs for each of your properties, prepare and upload them to the Internet. 

How does it work?

We’ll have four sessions, with practical guidance to build your confidence recording a walkthrough.

Session 1: Understand what’s involved

We’re going to meet at one of your properties. Bring your phone (and selfie stick if you have one)

  • Show me what I need to know about the house in 3 to 4 minutes.

  • I show you how I record a video walkthrough

  • Let’s talk about the fear of being on camera

  • Record your first walkthrough (just for practice)!

  • How to plan a walkthrough recording (the Walkthrough Plan worksheet)

Session 2: Plan and practice a walkthrough

In this session, we’ll plan the walkthrough and practice it, so that it fits within 3 to 5 minutes.

  • We meet at one of your properties.

  • We prepare a Walkthrough Plan together.

  • I show you how I do the recording

  • You do your version

  • We review the videos and see what can be improved

  • More about the fear of being on camera

Includes a cheat sheet: 5 tricks for camera confidence

Session 3: Build confidence

  • Meet at a property

  • You prepare a Walkthrough Plan while I look over your shoulder

  • You record the Walkthrough while I watch

  • We review the video and I show you where you can get better

  • Repeat the plan and recording

  • What you can still improve - lighting and sound will be the biggest challenges

This will continuously build up your confidence.

Session 4: Publishing your videos

What steps will they need to go through to edit, and upload to the appropriate sites?

You’ll get four step-by-step demo videos showing you how to post the videos to your website, social media or other websites.

Bonus goodies

Handy accessories checklist (external microphone, gimbal)

What to say template for your walkthroughs.

15 ways to use video to connect with buyers or vendors. 

5 steps to confidence on camera.