Are you scared of raising your prices?

Admit it. There’s one thing holding you back from charging more. And it’s not your client, is it?

You’ve heard the advice: “Just put your prices up!” You could try that, and maybe get away with it. But that doesn’t address the fear, does it? You want to raise your prices, feel good about it, and not worry that you’re going to lose all your clients.


You’d Better Get Your Pricing Right

Pricing touches every part of your business. The single biggest problem I see for consultants is that their prices were set by their competitors. That’s a disaster.

You shouldn’t be feeling that you are “getting away” with charging more, or that your pricing is something you need to feel guilty about.


Announcing the Pricing Confidence Mastermind

So, I’m putting together a mastermind to address this specific pain point: pricing confidence.

Monetising your advice shouldn’t be a cause of anxiety or pain for you. You can charge your real worth, as long as both you and your clients can see the value you’re bringing.

How this mastermind works

We’ll have two 90-minute group workshops over Zoom. They are practical workshops; not webinars. You will have some worksheets to go through on the calls, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Even if you change nothing else in your business - you keep the same clients, the same marketing, the same services - these two pricing workshops will help you get confident with increasing your prices.

The workshops will be held on two consecutive Mondays at 4 pm US Eastern.

Here are your options

Pricing Confidence Mastermind - Basic

We will have two group sessions over Zoom where we will workshop how to identify the value you are bringing to your clients.

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Pricing Confidence Mastermind - Premium

Access to the two group workshops. In addition, you’ll get a 30-minute call with me to fix one specific pricing challenge you are facing.

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Who is this for?

This is ideal for business owners, freelancers and consultants who have hit a ceiling with their pricing and have the authority to change it. If you are working in a full-time role, or are dependent on pricing set by agents (for example), this mastermind will be less valuable to you.

Why would you want to join this mastermind?

  • You’ll have a new way of talking about and thinking about your pricing

  • You’ll be confident saying “no” to people who try to nickel-and-dime you

  • You’ll have the confidence to raise your prices and feel good about it

Will this be recorded?

At this stage, there will be no recording. This is to remind you that these are workshops, not webinars. (In the bonus offering, there is a one-on-one call, which can be recorded if you wish).

Will I have to go on camera?

You will not have to speak in front of the crowd, although we will invite some people to do that through the Q&A.

What we’ll cover

You will be asked to answer questions like:

  • Where are you right now with your pricing?

  • Where do you want to be in terms of pricing?

    (We’ll get specific here).

You will not have to share your numbers or your answers with others in the group.

Got some other questions?

Questions I haven’t answered yet? Email me here.