You can stay in your comfort zone (and still do well in business)

You often hear the advice to step out of your comfort zone. But what if you don’t? Can you still have a strong and successful business?

It depends.

Business depends on enough profit (among other things). And that requires sales at a profitable price. This is Business 101.

Now, none of that necessarily implies that you need to feel uncomfortable, or take on risks that you’d rather not.

You may have to do that. You may have to be uncomfortable. But not necessarily.

Not all business owners are uncomfortable

After all, think of the number of businesses that you personally deal with where the business own is doing well and is comfortable.

Land the right clients

How do you get there? It’s about selling the right services (or products) to enough of the right clients.

And that doesn’t necessarily have to happen through being uncomfortable (although it may).

Land enough of the right clients, and you’ll be fine, even if you stay in your comfort zone to do it.

Anthony English