Who wants to feel sales-y?

When you are running your own business, if you haven’t done selling before, it can be feel quite intimidating.

You don’t want to feel pushy.

You don’t want to sound sales-y.

And yet, you need to sell [as your family, no doubt, reminds you!]

So, how do you sell without feeling sales-y?

In a word, empathy.

The “sales-y” part happens when you feel like you’re pushing something onto the prospect that they don’t really need.

Or, more importantly, that they don’t see the value of.

So, the key here is never sell until they see the value. Focus on that.

How can your offer be so valuable in their eyes, that you can invite them to buy it, rather than resorting to any pushy sales techniques?

Don’t push; invite

After you have established what it is that they are missing - what the gap is in their business or their life - you can then work out with them why it’s important for them to fix that gap.

And then you can:

  • make a recommendation

  • invite them to see your offer

  • ask for permission for them to take the next step

  • or simply ask: “where would you like to take this from here?”

That’s a simple way not to feel sales-y.

You’re just trying to work out - together - if you’re a good fit for their needs.

Anthony English