What should you be working on? Use this checklist.

You have limited time. You’re swamped with ideas, new information, lots of stuff calling for your attention.

What should you be doing right now?

When a new opportunity to give your time to something comes up, ask yourself these questions:

What’s my purpose? How does this opportunity fit in with my big picture for my life? If you can’t draw a straight line from this to your final purpose, you will find it hard to keep up momentum.

Who is this for? You’ll stay more motivated if your work is going to benefit someone else as well as yourself.

How much time am I giving to this? Another way of looking at this question is: “how much time am I willing to take away from other things to focus on this?”

How much money is involved? What will it cost you? What might it earn you?

What skills do I need? If you don’t have the skills already, why does it make sense for you to learn them?

How will this help me build a habit? Knowing that you are building some long-term habit, even as you do this little project, will bring a multiplier effect from the time you invest.

What tools do I need? If you are sure you need them, factor in the time it will take you to set them up and learn them.

What attitude do I need? Your mindset may help, or it could completely undermine your efforts, especially if you hit some hurdles as you do this project. Be prepared ahead of time.

Who else should be involved? Is this a DIY project, or do you need to get others in to shortcut the process? Is there someone else who will benefit from your efforts?

Asking yourself: “what should I be working on?” is a great way to prevent you losing precious time on things that are distractions.

Anthony English