Are you talking your clients out of working with you?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But there are three touchpoints where you may be making it hard for prospects to work with you.

Touchpoint #1: before you speak.

How clear are you about who you serve? Is it clear what pain they may be facing, and what outcome you can bring them?

Are you making it easy for them to speak to you?

are you addressing their fears and hesitations that might hold them back from reaching out to you?

Touchpoint #2: When you first speak.

Are you selling your devices too early, before they feel understood? Alternatively, are you not asking for the sale? Have you got a clear path for them to take to work with you?

Touchpoint #3: After you speak

Did you promise to get back to them? Did you offer them more information? Or a proposal? Are you letting them slip through the cracks? Are you leaving it up to them to get back to you?

These three touchpoints can each be times where you make it easy for the client to continue working with you, but they are also three points that clients can disappear.

By considering even one if these three touchpoints and examining how you are making the road smooth for the client to take the next step, you can dramatically improve your business.

Anthony English