How do you apply great ideas into your business?

You come across amazing ideas that you would like to bring into your business. The problem is you don’t get to implement them. When that happens, they end up purely as ideas.

New ideas that you read or think about or hear about can affect your day to day business in two ways.

The first is that they are a new way of thinking.

And the second is they are some new stuff that you need to start doing.

New ways of thinking

So let’s start with those new attitudes, the new ways of thinking about things.

Here are some specific steps to help you put that new thinking into practice. You can do this by answering a series of questions:

If you change this way of thinking what difference will it make?

What is one situation which would trigger you to think in this new way?

What are two things that you can do to help to turn this new attitude into a habit ?

New actions for you to take

What is this new action?

If you were to implement this new way of doing it doing things, how would it impact your business?

How long would it take you to implement this?

Can you do this action once and time how long it takes?

What parts of this do you have to do yourself?

Which parts could be automated, for example with some software?

Can this process be taught to others so that they can implement the same and reap its benefits?

Can you turn this action into a service? Could it be the topic for a webinar, an eBook, an email course, or an online video course?

If you were to stop working, could this process still be in operation and creating value for someone in the market?

Plan your exit

One important part of running a business is building a system. A new attitude, a new approach, a new process can help a business run without you.

It really helps you to build your legacy by planning for your business to work when you’re no longer there.

Anthony English