It’s not what you do that makes your business. It’s what you stop doing.

When your business eats into your life, it’s a certain sign that you need to stop doing something.

Stop doing what?

It depends.

Stop doing stuff that you shouldn’t be doing

If your business happens exclusively through word of mouth, you may not need to spend much time on your website or social media.

If you spend too much time doing low-value technical work, you might be best to build a process for it, so that that low-level work will take less of your high-value time.

If you are going to networking events face-to-face, and they’re not making any real difference to your business, you may do well to cut back on those events.

The principle here is simple: focus on what is the highest value use of your time.

By stopping stuff that you really don’t need to do, you can buy back a lot of your time and become more profitable.

Anthony English