How to grow your business and still keep your personal touch

You have a distinct something that you give your clients, right? They all notice it.

They feel you’ve got their back. They feel you really know them.

And if ever there’s a problem, they know you’ll sort it out.

Afraid of success?

You may be avoiding getting clients because you fear success. It’s very common.

If that’s you, there’s a good chance that what you fear is not success itself, but you fear your ability to keep up your outstanding customer service.

So, what do you do to grow your business without the baggage of failing to deliver your personal touch?

Here’s a quick plan:

  • Define success. What would your life look like? What about your business? How many clients? What revenue?

  • Systematise your workflow. Build and document some processes, so that you can hand over the boring stuff, or the time-consuming work - the work where you’re not delivering personal, one-on-one service.

  • Improve your workflow. The more you care about your clients, the more you should care about your legacy, so that they can still benefit from your work when you’re no longer there. One key component is to improve your processes, so that you can replicate the highly personalised service even as you grow.

These two steps will help you to get out there in front of clients (delivering your personal service), and still grow your business.

Anthony English