How to Get Better At Decision Making In Your Business

When you’re running a business on your own, one of the hardest things is learning how to make decisions. Of course you want to make the right decisions. But everything is on your shoulders.

And even though the buck stops with you, you’re still dependent on others outside your business for information, advice and reassurance.

Here are six steps you can take to make decisions more easily and more quickly in your business.

  1. Define the decision. You may think you need more facts, but you may already know enough to be able to make the decision now. By defining the decision, you get to fence it in a little. That way you won’t let your imagination give the decision more power of you than it deserves.

  2. Make the decision smaller. Most decisions aren’t all-or-nothing commitments. What part of the thing you have to decide isn’t necessarily dependent on the big decision you think you have to make?

  3. Speak to someone who has made a similar decision. You may well find that the very fears and procrastination you’re experiencing are completely normal. You’ll also learn what the benefits were for someone else who walked the path you need to choose.

  4. Break the procrastination cycle. A tiny decision - one that is so small that it’s impossible for you to fail at - is often enough to make you confident and build momentum for bigger decisions.

  5. Share the Victory. It’s good to have someone who can share your relief with after you’ve made the decision.

  6. Remind yourself what courage is about. Courage isn’t about not feeling fear. It’s about facing the good, in spite of fear. (If you’re a cautious person by nature, chances are you’ve given far too much weight to your fear of failure. You’re not being rash by taking the next good step.

Running your own business is about making courageous decisions; calculated risks. Every decision you make is a step towards more courage, because the way to become brave is to do brave acts.

Anthony English