How much time are you losing building processes & managing teams?

You might be able to sell your service. You might be able to build it yourself (do it yourself first, and iron out the wrinkles).

But then, when you go from prototype to repeatable service, things fall through the cracks.

Document and Optimise

Here’s how you could fix this.

  • document and record your current process

  • improve on the actual process as well

Yep. Rinse and repeat.

Scaling requires clear steps

If you want to scale your business, you first need to make sure that you have a system in place that others will be able to follow.

Here’s how I would do that:

First, I'd watch your workflow, right through from first request by a client to delivery and follow-up.

Then I’d document your workflow

Each discrete step could then be potentially improved, handed over to someone else, or simply removed.

Then I’d look at ways to optimise your workflow.

Think of it. Every time you take on a new member of the team, you have to bring them up to speed on how things work. If it’s not you, it’s one of your team members, which means you have two people taken off the field for the duration.

If you have a clear workflow documented (even if that “documentation” is a screencast video), you can make people new to the team - or to the project - much more productive. They’re generating revenue for you faster.

Here’s what this means for you

  • You'd get a business owner's big picture of the flow of work when someone orders a video.

  • We'd also dig into the bottlenecks, such as training up new people in how the system works, or showing new clients what they need to provide to work with you.

Anthony English