Dumb questions make great content

When you’ve got dumb questions 🤷‍♀️, where do you go 🤔❓

If you’re doing your research and learning about a service for the very first time, where do you turn to?

Maybe you’ll ask a friend. 👥

Maybe you’ll ask someone you might be buying the service from. 🛒

Or maybe you’ll just google it. 👨🏽‍💻🔍

Do you think your prospects might do the same? Try it.

  1. Think of the most basic, “dumb” question you wish people would ask you.

  2. Google that exact question.

  3. Find the answer.

    Is it too complex? 🎓

    Too technical? 🔧
    Too boring? 😴
    Not relevant? 🤔

  4. Answer the same question yourself.
    ✔️Do a 30 second video. 🎥⏳
    ✔️Or a single paragraph. 📝
    ✔️Or even 3 to 5 bullet points:

  5. Post the answer on your website.

Share it on social media.

Make it easy for people to ask you “dumb” questions, and you’ll cut through the noise. (If you find it too hard to create a video or think of what questions to ask and answer, hire someone to do it with you. It will be the fastest content you ever create.)

Anthony English