How to Draw Fruit From An Article You Read

So much content! Someone recommends you listen to a podcast, or read an article. Maybe even a book.

How do you make sure the time consuming isn’t wasted? And how do you draw fruit from it?

Here are some questions to ask to ensure that piece of content is going to serve you or your business.

Ask: Is it worth your time?

First, make sure the content itself is good. Then determine is it good for you.

Is it something that you need to know? Is it some skill you are going to acquire?

How much time will it take to consume?

When will you consume it? Will it be in one sitting, or will you do it over several sessions?

Will you schedule time to listen to this podcast episode/read this article?

What is one takeaway that you can implement straight away?

How will you guarantee that this takeaway will be implemented?

Do you have to write down or record some procedure/script/method as a result of this article/podcast?

Do you want to share any part of this content with someone else? If so, with whom? What is one small piece you can use from it to share?

Here’s an example:

I came across this great podcast episode on value pricing. You don’t have to listen to the whole episode, but the three minutes starting at 17:30 into the podcast is just gold. Here’s the link.

Your time is precious. The time it takes to consume content can be worth the investment by a simple procedure for applying its lessons in your business and your life.

Anthony English