The Role of Compassion in Your Business

Our van broke down late yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t too serious. My wife was in a safe place with a few of the children, and it wasn’t too far from home. I was able to shuttle them back and forth in our other car, and then wait for the van to be looked at.

As it turned out, the van had to be towed away, and that’s where the compassion comes in.

The tow truck driver showed a lot of sympathy for me. As he was towing the truck, he told me about Greg, the auto electrician we were going to.

When I met Greg, he was kind and sympathetic, knowing that I had been stranded waiting for a car service in on a cold and slightly wet night, rather than home having dinner.

Greg had to keep my van overnight, but he kindly offered to drive me home. When it worked out that that wasn’t an option, he offered me to take an umbrella with me to get to the bus.

Compassion wins customer loyalty

There were other signs of compassion from these people, and I won’t share them here, but suffice it to say that they have won me as a customer for life.

I think that when you’re facing difficulties, more than anything else, you want compassion. And even if those difficulties are small ones, it’s nice to know that there are people who are aware that there may be “things” happening in your life.

Even though you’re not a therapist

How do you inject compassion as a service provider?

It seems to me there’s a lot to be said just for listening, especially when people are a little on edge or frustrated. That doesn’t need to turn you into a counsellor or therapist, but it is a recognition that you’re both human, and that your customer’s world is bigger than what they happen to be buying from you.

Anthony English