When you read a great insight, how do you implement it?

Someone recommends an article about something you should start doing in your business.

You know it’s going to be helpful.

But the time it takes you to read the article is one tiny part of the impact it’s going to have.

Here’s how to make that article’s insights stick.

  1. Read the article

  2. Pick one actionable insight that you could implement from that article.

  3. Explain to yourself why this insight would improve your business. (This is to cement the value of this insight for your business).

  4. Find one specific action you need to take to implement this advice or insight.

  5. Determine how much time would it take you to take this action.

  6. Book three appointments with yourself to take this action. Book these in your calendar. Include a link to the original article in the calendar entries.
    The first appointment should be to take the action.
    The second appointment should be at least one day after the first one and is a follow-up.
    The third appointment should be at least two days after the second one.

  7. When your first appointment comes, take the action.

  8. Review step 3 (why this action is valuable).

  9. When your second appointment comes, ask: ”what part of this should I keep doing?”

  10. When your third appointment comes, ask: "what part of this can I improve? What can I ditch? What can I automate? What can I turn into a process for someone else to do?”

Your reading time is precious. Make good use of it by applying lessons in a systematic way. This will help you get much more value from the time you spend learning about how to improve your business.

Anthony English