7 Steps to Create Online Client Relationships (Without Being Creepy)

How do you build client relationships online?

You may be great at building trust when you speak to someone in person, but how do you do it when it’s happening online?

The key is to be yourself and only to take the next step in the relationship after they have given you permission.

Here are 7 ways you can create client relationships online. And none of them require you to pretend to be their best friend, or to be creepy.

  1. Personalise your message

This doesn’t just mean putting in “Hi John” instead of “Hi there”. Personalisation is a way of proving that you really have bothered to learn something about them. Read their social media profile. Make a positive comment on a recent post or article.

2. Be personal yourself

This might include something about your local weather, or some small self-deprecating joke. It’s just a way of breaking the ice without being too familiar.

3. Ask permission to take the next step

If you’ve exchanged messages, or if you’ve responded to a comment they made on social media, you may invite them to connect. Don’t push. Don’t assume. Make it an invitation.

4. Share something that doesn’t ask too much of them

If they have accepted your connection invitation, you may engage in a short conversation with them. You could also share a snippet of an article or a podcast that might be relevant to them.

It’s very important that this doesn’t require a big investment of their time. If it’s a podcast, tell them a tiny section they might like to listen to. If it’s a long article, highlight the relevant point you think they’d find relevant.

5. Introduce them to someone who will be a help for them to know

This is a way of showing good will, building the network for two people, and you not asking anything in return.

When you do introduce someone, try to make it clear why you thought it would be helpful for them to know each other.

6. Keep in touch with them.

Sharing content snippets, or including them when there is something you think they’d find relevant, can often build the relationship, without being too intrusive.

7. Invite them to a call

By now, you have shown good will, and that if you were going to sell them something, it’s clear you’re interested in not pushing them into it. Following this same method, you can invite them to a call.

The gentle manner with which you invite them is a continuation of the kind way you’ve been treating them so far, and they should have no fears that you are going to pressure them. By now, you may have learned many of their needs, and it would be a natural next step for them to consider your offer.

Relationships take time

Building this relationship takes time, but these simple seven steps can help show the prospect that you are someone who is consistent and good to deal with.

Anthony English