Skin in the Game

In a corporate environment, it’s easy to focus on “how”, without ever asking”why?” Not everyone knows or cares where the good ship S.S. BigCorp is sailing, or whether she gets there.

But in small business, you care, especially if you’re the owner, because you have skin in the game.

If you’re selling services to small business, you have both a big advantage and a big disadvantage.

The advantage is that you are more likely to speak to the person who cares. Someone who can draw a straight line from your intervention to their pocket.

So, start with the purpose. And if you do that, you’ll tap into the hearts of the business owners.

The disadvantage is that the money they’re spending is their money (or, at least, they’re closer to the business operations and goals, if they are not the owner). That necessarily makes it harder for them to part with money, and in small business, there’s less of it to go around anyway.

So, working with small businesses has its pluses and its minuses. Being aware of this can make it much easier for you to sell to them.

Anthony English