Make $15K a year from one paid call a week

If you were to charge just $295 for a slice of your advice, then one call a week will bring you $15,350 in a year … which is a whole lot more than $0.

If people call you to pick your brain for free, you need to fix that. 

Are you stuck on that trying-to-be-helpful, free advice treadmill?

Look. I get it.

  • You don’t know when to charge.

  • You don’t know how much to charge.

  • You don’t even know how to bring up the topic. It’s embarrassing.

So, how should you handle it?

It starts by knowing what to say when people want to pick your brain for free.

What do you tell them? This cheat sheet will help:

Pick Your Brain.png

Monetize Your Advice:

Start with the cheat sheet when people ask to pick your brain

You don’t need to give away your expert advice for free.