How it works


How to price (and sell) with confidence

There are three main components to pricing and selling with confidence:

  • breaking through the mindset barriers holding you back from pricing and selling with confidence;

  • packaging, pricing and presenting your services so clients find it easy to buy; and

  • designing your marketing and sales processes so you spend less time marketing and selling and more time delivering.

We always start with a free strategy call to solve one problem and see if we’re a good fit. By the end of that call you’ll know if I can help - I’m not going to try and sell you anything, you will just know. No hype, no hard sell - that’s a promise.

Results that speak for themselves

I’ve worked in this business long enough to know that we all need structure and process. The frameworks and processes I use will help us design things like Product Ladders and Revenue Engines - but that only helps if you can break through the barriers holding you back.

It takes insight, guidance and sometimes tough love to help you price with confidence and make sales conversations easy. Have a look at what Jodi Salice has to say about the results she got from working with me.

"In our first phone call, Anthony was able to break down a wall that was holding me back for 14 yrs" - Jodi Salice, Graphic Designer


What you can do now

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Strategy Session

Start with a free strategy session to see how this works - we’ll solve one problem right on the call and see if this is right for you.



Break through the mindset barriers holding you back and package and price your services so they’re easy to sell.

Anthony helped me gain the confidence I needed to price the offerings for my new consultancy.
— Scot Westwater
I can personally attest that Anthony English is truly a great business coach and mentor! His corporate strategies are an asset to any organization and can be used in any industry!
— Ross Frangos
Anthony is blessed with a skill that changed my life, and gave me the confidence to succeed in the world of contracting.
— Keith Williams