Olga Kirshenbaum

“Anthony’s a genius at teaching people how to scale up.”

“Anthony’s a genius at teaching people how to scale up.”

Financial coach who wanted to scale

Financial coaching for individuals was slowly picking up and the clients that do have coaching sessions with me are extremely satisfied with their progress.

I was trying to make people feel confident that they are able to make money smart choices.

Clients felt confident and excited about their money goals after our coaching sessions.

But I was having trouble adding on a B2B service that would fit under the big umbrella of my financial coaching business.


Anthony made me realize I’m selling more than just information about money. My clients feel comfortable talking to me about sometimes difficult subjects because of my bedside manner and the ability to create a judgement-free zone. This allowed me to formulate my B2B service idea in a way that fits my business and continues to add value without sacrificing the core message of what I bring.

After Anthony and I spoke, I started to discuss the new service as a beta service I’m going to test with a few small businesses. I also started reworking the message of my website so that it aligns with what I do more as well as is more from a user standpoint.

Anthony is extremely easy to talk to and his mind spins 100 miles per minute.

The fact that Anthony didn’t know my industry wasn’t a disadvantage at all. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and is a genius at teaching people how to scale up! He’s able to focus your strategy on what is more significant for your business. More importantly, Anthony has an ability to make big and seemingly overwhelming tasks appear easy and fun.

Jodi Salice

“Anthony removed a major barrier that has been holding me back in my business.”

“Anthony removed a major barrier that has been holding me back in my business.”

“I was working for 15 years as freelance graphic designer. I knew I had to increase my rates, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Many people told me: “just do it!”, but that didn’t work.

I negotiated against myself, and came to the clients with a lowball price.

Anthony removed a major barrier that was holding me back. As a result, I was able to quadruple my prices (I’m not kidding!)

He knows just when to encourage me and when to back off and let me do my own soul seeking.