Anthony English
Anthony English
I champion women running their business

I'm a business coach,

not a salesman.

So, if it's okay, I'd rather let my clients explain how I help:


Anna McAfee, Community creator

Anthony's insight and deep understanding of business models and marketing is amazing. His approach will get your brain juices flowing and he really gets to the root of the problem of you are trying to solve. For me he has provided incredible insight into understanding my key drivers, my own values, and where I can truly add value to others.


Kristin A. Sherry, Founder YouMap®.

I hired Anthony to help me with my company's pricing strategy and he ended up giving me so much more. He helped me realize I needed to connect my strategy to my motivators, which stem from my values. The depth of Anthony's approach was very appreciated given my work helping people discover who they are and what's most important to them through YouMap®.

Once Anthony helped me see my business strategy must connect to my motivators, everything changed. He also gave me some incredible business growth strategies that are already paying off. Anthony is a pleasure to work with and goes the extra mile for his clients delivering value you didn't expect, but definitely need. I recommend Anthony without reservation.

Olga Kirshenbaum, Money Whisperer | Founder

I was considering adding a new financial coaching service but was overwhelmed with how to approach it or make it fit under one umbrella. Anthony gave me actionable suggestions which allowed me to figure out the best approach. I was able to add a new service that fit into my story. Instead of an awkward intro it's now a conversation starter and it's also much easier for me to figure out how to approach clients. If you want results, Anthony is your guy!

Chana Miller, Smart Solutions Bookkeeping

“Who would have thought that someone half way across the world would have such an impact on my business? But that’s exactly what happened with Anthony English.

Anthony has transformed my business.”

Charlene Rex-Waller, podcast marketer

Anthony's warm demeanor puts you at ease immediately. He is thoughtful in his approach to your challenges and never provides a "one solution fits all" plan. I had the pleasure of joining Anthony on a discovery call for 30-minutes, which transformed into 1.5 hours, as we spent time learning more and more. His approach is direct, but also nurturing and I found it incredibly insightful. If you are in need of business coaching, I highly recommend reaching out to him.

Vasilena Vasileva, B2B Copywriter

Anthony implements great strategies which work flawlessly. He talks in a simple yet meaningful way. Are you tired of chasing clients? Do you need to learn how to communicate with them? Is it hard to set rates for your work? Anthony has solutions for all of these problems.

Quincy Labooy, Recruiter

I just got off the phone with Anthony and I must say that he helped me so much improving my confidence and sales skills. He used many examples during the conversation that made me think I was right beside him in those situations. He also gave me some tips, tricks and things to look for during a sales visit at other companies. He thought me how to look for and pry for pain point to motivate others to use my services. My conversation with Anthony took 1.5 hours and was truly eye opening. I do recommend Anthony to New and seasoned business owners that need some help or just need someone to discuss with.

Rachel Warnick,

Learning Designer, Curator & Facilitator

Anthony shakes things up - in a great way!

I recently had my first conversations with him and found it invaluable. He posed insightful questions that got me thinking much more deeply and shifted my perspective to see a few important things in a new light. He assisted me in making connections that I hadn't seen before, which are leading to new and exciting possibilities.

I would love to continue working with him in the future, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend that you connect with him to see how he can help you.

Chaya Matty Appel, Copywriter

This is long overdue, but every time I thought of writing something about Anthony English, my words just felt too small.

A little while ago, I had written a post about my difficulty with clients who try to negotiate my pricing, and how I didn't feel equipped and confident enough to deal with them.

Anthony English was one of the people who commented with some wise advice. However, what separated him from the rest of the commenters, is the way he was RELENTLESS in helping. After commenting on my post, he sent me two loom videos that he made specifically for me explaining key concepts in closing sales in a pain-free no-stress way.

If you're having difficulty charging what you're worth, or you're not being successful at selling yourself, please check in with Anthony. He offers coaching and he knows what he's doing. He's not just another one of the million coaches that hang out on LinkedIn. He's willing to step in the dirty mud with you and figure it out together.

If this sounds like an unbelievable amount of praise, then please talk to any other people on LinkedIn who've benefited from his sage advice and you'll see that what I'm saying is but a fraction of what this guy is really all about.

Hannay Cattouse, Copywriter and VA

I didn't even know I needed a coach. Sometimes we don't know what we need until what we need shows up. I discovered a new career path that I enjoy but I've been reluctant.

My drive and passion is here but you know, "there are a ton of more qualified people than me out there". Then I met a silver haired Australian man living in a different time zone. He showed me how I was getting in my own way and allowing the negative self talk to prevent me from helping others.

Anthony is the guy for you! He'll help you put your doubt and fears aside as you work on your goals.

Trust me (and the other recommendations he has)

P.S. It also helps that he's funny!

Yaron Kimmelman

Anthony is a warm, amicable, and experienced business coach with a knack of "getting" you very quickly.

He was able to give me exactly what I needed to move forward In my life and business in a rather short 30 minute consultation. I was amazed.

I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to move their life and business forward to reach out to Anthony. He's a gem of a man and a great coach.

Fradel Levin, Business Consultant, Accountant

I cannot recommend Anthony enough. He has a natural flair for sales & marketing systems. He has got solid knowledge of pricing and packaging and above all his communication is A+.

Meeting with Anthony has been insightful, thought provoking and enjoyable all along.

Liston Witherill, Sales Coach

One thing you should know about Anthony above all else: his energy is contagious. He's an absolute pleasure to be around, is always in a good mood, and is an eternal optimist. Aside from those fantastic and impossible-to-teach qualities, Anthony is a great coach.

We've worked together for over a year now, and his advice is at once practical and actionable. He's willing to try new things, or just go with tried-and-true - whatever fits the situation.

If you're a solopreneur, small business, or even a manager at a corporation, I'd highly recommend you just talk to Anthony. After that, you'll be stuck with him because he's so damn helpful.

Juliet Herman

Anthony is an amalgamation of business coach, life coach, & cheerleader. His kindness, compassion, & quirky sense of humor instantly put people at ease. Anthony's humility enables everyone to feel comfortable bearing part of their soul. This is not the typical coaching experience. He will be a beacon of light navigating you through the choppy seas of challenges. I'd highly recommend anyone who is in need of a business coach & so much more to reach out!

Ross Frangos, Parking Consultant

Anthony's insights and initiatives in creating and sustaining new sales growth transcend into all areas of business. His consulting expertise will not only help you clearly identify your target market, but also how to capture it!

Anthony's recommendations and support are one of the key successes in my own personal and business growth, and I believe he will do the same for you! He is a terrific business coach and one of the most generous human beings I have ever met!!

Dominic de Souza

In 5 minutes, I was impressed by how easy and friendly Anthony was. And over the course of our session together, struck by his generosity and insights. I rarely work with coaches (still realizing how valuable they are as shortcuts for experience!) and Anthony's wisdom worked wonders.

He validated my business, gave encouragement and clarity, and oriented me into a particular direction that I'd overlooked. All of my work is branding, and he showed me how I was too close to my projects to be objective.

I took many notes from our call, and deployed some of them immediately in my next sales call which thoroughly impressed the client. I absolutely love his method of helping you understand and discover your own worth in the client-service equation. He has helped me see how to overcome the subconscious passivity that I was bringing with me into sales calls.

It's making a huge difference, especially in how I see myself! Thanks Anthony, I'm looking forward to continued meetings with you.

Adam Oldacres

Brilliant, a truly knowlegable and eye-opening person. A pleasure to talk to, and so very patient.

Kate Dahl,

Job Consultant for Internationals in Denmark

Anthony is a really kind, caring and empathetic. He is good at listening and helping you think with a different perspective. He is able to help show you how to present the value of your business, even if you are not able to word it correctly. But that is why you hire him is so that he can help you with that if you are in a panic or problem. I highly recommend him and he is definately a business coach that you can trust. 100%!!!!

Matt Wright

Anthony English knows that it's not helpful to hear "just do it." when you're not clear about why you are doing it in the first place. If you are looking for help connecting your business to your purpose, and tapping into the power of that connection to create confidence around pricing, client engagement and ultimately growth for your business, I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Anthony.

Michael “Fritz” Fritzius

So Anthony and I are having a discussion over Direct Messages right now about the best way to start a podcast. Within like 30 minutes he identified where I was getting hung up with starting, helped me define goals and metrics for it, who my target audience is and what I hope to get out of it. I've got a lot more clarity.

Fatima Castiglione Maldonado

Dev team leader

I have chosen him as my Business Coach because he has a logical way to speak about marketing & sales, and so he makes me see my biz in a different light. This has been very helpful, and we are now trying to inject such logic into our sales & marketing activities, which were not bad but chaotic before speaking to him. Highly recommended.

Jodi Salice, Graphic Designer

His advice pretty much quadrupled my income from a year. Check it out.

Darrel Griffin

If LinkedIn permitted us to recommend only one expert to our networks, I would have to recommend Anthony English. Apart from being my business ‘bestie’ and English & Englishman co-host, Anthony is quite possibly the best business coach on the planet.

Yes, he is funny (which I begrudgingly admire!), but he is also quite brilliant with his business insights and wisdom. Not only that, he is full of compassion and empathy, born out of his own business experiences. I simply cannot recommend Anthony highly enough - please, if you get the opportunity to work with him, seize it with both hands.

Lisa Hu, Founder at Lux & Nyx

It's music to my ears when someone tells me I'm doing something wrong. As an entreprenuer, I appreciate a different perspective, especially from someone who has a lot of experience. Anthony is one of those individuals that is not afraid of approaching the subject, and can tell you what is wrong with grace.

Over a live video chat, Anthony was able to discuss my current business situation, and provided ACTIONABLE advice that may be seemingly simple, but are large value adds. Specifically, he was able to point out ways in which I can get in front of the desired audience that never even cross my mind!

Frankly, at first I was skeptical about what Anthony could tell me, especially given his heavy IT background, but business knowledge is transferrable among various industries, and he's clearly worked with many industries. He's humble, easy to talk to, and has many creative solutions to offer. Thanks Anthony!

Hau Ngo, Supply Chain Consultant

I approached Anthony with a specific problem. "How do I describe myself at networking events that create interest?" After having worked in many industries and picking up several skills, it was hard to even describe what I do.

About 15 minutes in our discussion, Anthony was able to synthesize my value and describe it in such a way that I could have never done on my own.

Now, he is helping me bring that message in front of the right audience. Anthony's service is highly recommended for the technical consultant who struggles with communicating his value in simple business terms.

Jared J. Wiese

I thought I knew a bit about recommendations. After all, it's part of my "value package". But WOW did I see the best one ever for Anthony, that I could never top. You just have to check it out - from his Amazon books and Udemy courses to all he offers in helping YOU determine your business value and prices "without feeling bad about it! Check it out.

Louise Taylor, Founder, Money Mindfit™

Anthony is a highly intuitive and practical consultant. He has the ability to quickly identify the right strategy and help people with tools to strategically move forward. He is able to help others focus on the goal but also adapts his coaching to suit the need. He's also a great person with a huge heart.

Martina Russo, Multilingual Marketing Translator

I contacted Anthony to thank him for a sound piece of advice he gave to small businesses, and the conversation quickly turned into something that I couldn't put a price tag on – Truly priceless. Golden information that I'll immediately study and apply to my business.

Anthony opened my eyes on and helped me re-evaluate some essential aspects of my business. Bonus point: The conversation was extremely enjoyable! If you need an exceptional coach to guide you through your marketing and sales process, Anthony IS your guy.

Zaid Hisham

Anthony is one of my heroes.

I constantly beg my marketing/consulting friends to check out his content.

He removed all the confusion and overwhelm from my poor consulting effort, identified where my blocks were, and distilled the sales process and metrics (how to define progress) into bite-sized chunks.

Here's a shortlist of what I learn (without giving away too much):

- What to focus on in a sales conversation

- How to take all the anxiety out of talking with clients

- How to get people's attention when you write LinkedIn posts or record videos

- How to dig deeper to find clients' core problems

His guidance is stuff I never would have figured out on my own.

Nadine Langlois

Anthony not only has excellent advice when it comes to sales, communication and generating leads; but he delivers his expertise in such a caring and considerate way that you feel instantly connected and in a space of trust with him.

Having Anthony in my network is incredibly valuable to me because he is a source of support, growth, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

I highly recommend his coaching services to anyone who is in need of effective solutions for their personal or professional life.

Linh T. Tran

He's the listening type - which you will find quite rare. He makes you feel heard, and he will ask you questions that make you sit and ponder. And his answer will surprise you.

He's great with analogies, and that's important when it comes to explaining a difficult concept. He understands value and will make you feel like you are worth what you sell, which is so important. It changes the way you look at your life. You can't really put a price on a change of perspective, so that's already a steal.

It's up to you to decide if a session with him is worth it - but I can only tell you from experience that I've learned a great deal from him.

Bonus: he's funny, which really does make a whole session fun.

Gideon Shalwick, Founder of Splasheo

Oh gosh - there are no words for expressing how kind Anthony has been to me.

When I was a total noob here on LI (still am actually hah), he took me under his wings and showed me the ropes.

He's the ultimate connector and he constantly sends me amazing people to connect with. Without him, my experience here on LI would have been rather dry, and I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much as I do.

Once you start working with Anthony, you'll realize what I mean when I say the man has a massive heart and he TRULY cares about your success and wellbeing.

And that is one rare thing to find.

Peter Burgess, Process Culture

Anthony is one of a kind. He is an extremely well read and thoughtful adviser and coach who has helped me make big strides in my thinking and in the development of my business.

Over the last year I have gone from a fairly scatter gun view of my business focus to a position of great clarity. I now clearly know who I serve and what problems I solve in the market place. It has been fantastic and both life & business changing to work with Anthony. If you get the chance to hire him - don't hesitate!

Binyomin Eidelman

Are you a business person frustrated with your IT staff or an IT professional that can’t seem to please your boss no matter how hard you try? I’d encourage you to engage with Anthony. The IT guy within me refers to him as an API between business and IT.

I had a conversation and within minutes Anthony picked up on my underlying skills, and that my superpower may not be IT. It really surprised me that he noticed it and the way he verbalized it

Keith Williams

Mr English (Anthony) is a 'one in a million' person that I have been so fortunate to connect with through his post on LinkedIn last year.

Anthony spent many years working at various companies as a Technical Person. He therefore knows how the 'nuts and bolts of IT work'. Over his career he often wrote articles about his experiences working with others.

What is amazing about those technical encounters is that they were feeding him with a passion for speaking with technical people in a way that not only probed their fears of failure, but gave them hope that their projects were actually worthwhile.

Often in business some projects never see the light of day, or come out of prototype stage.

Having gained such insights, Anthony coached, mentored and taught many people how to believe in themselves and move forward in their jobs, and in their interaction with others.

He is now on a journey to bring that passion to people like me, who benefited from his advice about how to succeed in business.

If you are in need of someone who has been there, seen it, done it, look no further.

Anthony English is the real deal.

I would not hesitate to put him forward as a true expert in turning your business around from "Not getting there, Jan" to "Firing on all cylinders, Jan".

Paul Pichugin

Anthony has helped me overcome several mental blockages that were holding me back in my business, he does this by asking questions, holding you accountable to your answers, helping you realise where exactly the blockages are and far more importantly, why those blockages were there in the first place.

As a solo business owner it is essential to get an outside perspective on what is going on with my business, as I often can't see the forest for all the trees. It is easy to get bogged down in things that don't matter, Anthony has helped me re-focus on the things that do matter. I'm very grateful for his influence in my business and life.

I highly, highly recommend speaking with him to see if you are a good fit. Even the recommendations on who I should connect with have paid massive dividends. Anthony is the rare type that adds massive value to all those he connects with. Thank you Anthony!

Raf Baron

Anthony helped me understand a true value of my skills and opportunities that it creates and more importantly, how to turn it into profit!

When I say coach, I see person who wants best for the person being coached which often means ask challenging questions and taking you out of comfort zone.

That's exactly how it felt working with Anthony,

I got to see and understand new opportunities that are ahead of me.

What IT and hospitality has in common?

Not that much, yet Anthony was able clearly see where my next steps should be taken and how I can make the difference within my industry.

I would highly recommend to work with Anthony when you stuck or you are inexperienced with sales or putting your product on the market.

He makes the difference!

Chris Turner

I have found Anthony to be genuinely interested in both me and my service as well being switched on and insightful. If you're looking for some practical, pragmatic and actionable advice, I'd be happy to suggest that you speak with Anthony.

Brad Wages

If you’re a solo consultant looking for sound strategy and guidance, I can’t recommend Anthony highly enough.

The advice he shared was specific and actionable, especially his insights around client outreach. I’m confident his strategies will help me close more business within the next couple weeks.

If you’re thinking about reaching out to Anthony, don’t wait – go ahead and do it ASAP. That’s how valuable his advice is.

Catherine Armstrong

Anthony is a pure gem, inspirational and a great listener! After one conversation I understood what an asset he is to anyone he works with. He has a tech background but a business spirit; he truly understands how to talk to people but also how to listen. I think he has a special talent in spotting potential in people and lighting a fire.

I would strongly recommend this inspiring man as a business coach, as he made me realize my potential and helped me make a gameplan for the future I truly want. I look forward to working with him further in the near future.

Jake Jordan

Anthony is an astute observer of people and problems. He not only spends time trying to understand the true business problem stopping people, but he also genuinely cares. I recommend you take any opportunity to get to know Anthony, and also consider hiring him to accelerate your learning curve tremendously.

Levi Sanders

I had a call with Anthony recently, and he exceeded my expectations. Anthony makes excellent use of his experience in IT and in business to keep you focused on what is really important, and is able to help you identify those areas if it's not already clear to you. He delivers value without being pushy on signing up as a client, and is genuinely interested in helping consultants succeed. Anthony was able to apply his coaching experience to my situation, and challenged me to improve. I highly recommend his services to managers, consultants and business owners in any industry.

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