Price With Confidence

so you can charge what you’re worth


Getting paid what you’re worth shouldn't be so hard

Most professionals don’t charge what they’re worth. You may not have the confidence, you’re afraid of losing clients, you’re afraid of the competition, and you don’t know how to pitch a high-priced, high-value service.

You know what happens next.

Sales conversations are hard. You don’t like talking money. You’re afraid of rejection and you struggle to make the offer. You negotiate with yourself before you even talk to the client, and when they look a little hesitant you drop your price. You’re selling less, for lower prices - and you start despairing that you’ll ever get where you want to be.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Price (and sell) with confidence


Hi. My name is Anthony English, and I help professionals price and sell with confidence.

There’s a couple of problems we need to solve. The first is how you package, present and price your services. This is not about sugar-coating your offer; it’s about presenting your services so your clients find it easy to understand the value you deliver.

The second problem is how you’re thinking about money and the value you provide. If you’re not charging enough now, something is holding you back - and we’ll need to find those barriers and break them down.


For B2B service professionals

I work with consultants and small business owners who provide services to other businesses. You’re an expert at your craft but you’re not necessarily a seasoned business person. You’re confident in your technical or business expertise, but you struggle to market and sell.

If that’s you, click on through to see how this works.